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Succeed with a Cookbook Fundraiser

Across the nation, groups are earning huge profits with cookbook fundraisers. Any type of organization, large or small, can succeed with a cookbook fundraiser. Community members, friends, family, and more will be eager to buy your one-of-a-kind fundraising cookbook to support your worthy cause!

Cookbook Fundraisers Are Successful

Selling your fundraising cookbook is easy. Our 81 years of expertise and No-Risk Guarantee will ensure your fundraising cookbooks are a huge success! A few reasons cookbooks are so successful include:

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We Help You Every Step of the Way

It's easy to make fundraising cookbooks unique to capture the spirit of your cause.

With Morris Press Cookbooks, publishing a custom fundraising cookbook is fun and easy. Friendly cookbook consultants are always ready to assist you. Our goals are simple: to make your fundraising cookbook project affordable, highly profitable, and enjoyable.


Morris Press Cookbooks is the nation's largest and most trusted publisher of custom cookbooks. Since 1933, we have printed millions of fundraising cookbooks across the USA. Our downloadable tools, online recipe submission, and options will help you publish a quality fundraising cookbook. Plus, our FREE Cookbook Kit has simple directions and base prices that include many FREE features.

"…we sold enough books the first 24 hours to pay for the entire order…[the cookbook] has been so well received that we are still trying to catch our breath. Thank you for such a wonderful product…we are thrilled."
Mary Jo Lefler
Cumberland, MD