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3 Ways to Submit Recipes

For your convenience, we offer three ways to submit recipes: type them yourself with typensave®, have us typeset them, or send pages press-ready. Whichever method you choose, be sure to submit your favorite tried-and-true recipes! For a quick review, watch our Step 2 video. For tips on gathering recipes, register for our webinar, Collecting Recipes Made Easy.


Typeset Your Own Recipes with typensave®

Save time and money when you typeset your own recipes. You can also create all other parts of your cookbook.

Save even more!

Discount = up to
typensave® Discount = 25¢
Format F15
Discount = 20¢
Total Discount = up to

Benefits of typensave®

  • We recommend using typensave® because it’s the fastest and easiest way to
    gather recipes, as well as create your cover, personal pages, and dividers.
    Plus, the work can be distributed among all members. All the work is done online,
    including submitting your order.
    Watch our video to learn more.
  • Save 25¢/book ($300 maximum).
  • Production time is only 25–30 business days.
  • Recipes can be entered from any location 24/7.
  • There are no Recipe Collection Sheets to sort and shuffle.
Create a new account

Using typensave®

  • Go to and create a FREE account. Try our demo to see how easy it is to enter a recipe.
  • You control your cookbook settings, including messages, deadlines, cookbook options, and more.
  • All members, a select group, or one individual can log in to enter recipes.
  • Recipe Collection Sheets (PDF) may be provided to members without Internet access. Simply collect them and enter recipes into your account.
  • The chairperson should create the cover, personal pages, and divider set, as well as select any desired extras.
  • Review and proof all parts of your cookbook online at any time and make corrections before you submit your order online. We do not edit any text. You will receive a FREE proof to review for approval.

To learn more about typensave®, watch any of our recorded typensave® webinars.

We Typeset Your Recipes for FREE

Our base prices include FREE typesetting of your recipes.

  • Recipe Collection SheetsOur base price includes FREE typesetting of recipes into your chosen recipe format.
  • Call for our FREE Starter Kit, which will include Recipe Collection Sheets and Recipe Category Envelopes. If you are in a hurry, print Recipe Collection Sheets (PDF) and Recipe Category Sheets (PDF). Find all Starter Kit material at our Download Center.
  • Distribute the Recipe Collection Sheets to your members and begin collecting recipes. Instructions are printed on the sheets.
  • Review submitted recipes for errors, contributor information, correct abbreviations, and non-recipe content. After you edit recipes, sort into categories and subcategories.
  • If you plan to use a custom divider set, any category titles can be used and in any order.
  • If you plan to use one of our full-color stock divider sets, you must use our standard category titles in this order:

    Appetizers & Beverages
    Soups & Salads
    Vegetables & Side Dishes
    Main Dishes
    Breads & Rolls
    Cookies & Candy
    This & That
  • Recipe Category EnvelopeSend all recipes with your order. Late submissions are accepted before production begins but will cause delays.
  • We will typeset recipes in your chosen recipe format; pages will be proofed by us. You will also receive a FREE proof – our combined efforts will ensure an accurate, quality product. Any errors we make are corrected FREE. Changes from originally submitted material are subject to a charge.
  • Production time is 35–45 business days.

Send All Pages Press-Ready

Design your pages your way. Download Press-Ready Cookbook Pages Guidelines (PDF) to get started.

  • If you want freedom to design your pages, send them press-ready.
  • Press-ready pages are pages already typeset using the proper margins, page size, and artwork specifications. No extra typesetting or alterations are needed. The quality of the printed work is determined by the quality of the material submitted.
  • Press-ready cookbooks are priced by the page count. Our recipe formats average 3 recipes per page, so if you only place 1-2 recipes per page, it will cost you more.
  • For specifications on how to furnish material, print Press-Ready Cookbook Pages Guidelines (PDF). For pricing and an order form, print our Press-Ready Order Form (PDF).
  • We require a PDF, as this will provide the highest print quality. We want your pages to look as good as possible! Use our PDF Creator.
  • If you use this option, all cookbook pages (title page, index, personal pages, etc.) must be press-ready. A FREE proof will be sent to you for your approval. Corrections or changes will be subject to a charge.
  • Production time is 25–30 business days.
Press-Ready Recipe Pages

Digital press-ready pages must be converted into a PDF format. Use our FREE PDF Creator to convert your press-ready files.


Save 20¢
per Book
with Recipe
Format F15

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