Holiday Delivery Deadlines

The Holidays are fast approaching! If you are using typensave®, sending press-ready, ordering a reprint, or if we are typesetting your RUSH book, submit your complete order by November 7th for an estimated ship date of December 16th.

Review our delivery deadlines for more info.

Holiday Delivery Deadlines
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Optional Features Pricing

In addition to our FREE features, we offer many optional features that add more customization and value to your book. Optional features will raise your suggested selling price. We recommend you double the cost of each optional feature and add it to your selling price.

Prices effective April 1, 2015.

Extra Charge = Throughout site, indicates a feature at an extra charge

Optional Features

Add Value with Optional Features

Print Complete Price List (PDF).


Plastic lamination on front & back covers   FREE
Full-color stock covers imprinted in any in-house inks;
includes coordinating back cover
Custom front cover ink options printed in one in-house ink FREE
printed in multi-color (2 or more inks) or full-color 20¢/book
Designer Series Cover Template
(includes FREE full-color back cover)
Gold or silver foil stamping limited to the front cover only
(and spine on 3-Ring)
200 books…80¢/book
300 books…75¢/book
500 books…55¢/book
1000 books…35¢/book
2000 books…25¢/book
3000 books…20¢/book
Custom back cover ink options printed in one in-house ink 10¢/book
printed in multi- or full-color 20¢/book
Printed liners
(for 3-Ring or hardback only)
full-color stock liners L1a and L5 25¢/book
printed in one in-house ink 20¢/book
printed in multi- or full-color 45¢/book
EZel™ bookstand for 3-Ring only 45¢/book
Plastic coil binding soft cover only; not available with more than
500 recipes or tabbed dividers
Plastic comb binding   FREE
Imprinted plastic comb binding   100-199 books…60¢/book
  200-999 books…35¢/book
  1000+ books…30¢/book


Divider style non-tabbed standard full-color stock divider set of 8 FREE
non-tabbed heavy full-color stock divider set of 8 25¢/book
tabbed heavy full-color stock divider set of 8 45¢/book
non-tabbed standard custom dividers 3¢/divider (per book)
non-tabbed heavy custom dividers 5¢/divider (per book)
tabbed heavy custom dividers 10¢/divider (per book)
Custom divider ink
(in addition to "divider style" charge)
printed in black ink FREE
printed in one in-house ink 2¢/divider (per book)
printed in multi- or full-color 12¢/divider (per book)
Designer Series Divider Templates 12¢/divider (per book)
Printing backs of custom dividers Helpful Hints FREE
custom material printed in one in-house ink 2¢/divider (per book)
custom material printed in multi- or full-color 12¢/divider (per book)
Printing backs of stock dividers Helpful Hints are standard and cannot be omitted or changed. Custom material is not available. FREE
Colored paper for custom dividers stock paper colors FREE

Recipe Pages

Paper for recipe pages standard white paper FREE
cream paper 20¢/book
Recipe formats Discount Format F15 Subtract 20¢/book
FREE Formats: F1, F2, F4, F7, F8, F9, F21, F22, F23 FREE
(add non-continued recipes for 20¢/book)
Non-continued recipes not available with Discount Format F15 20¢/book
Recipe Subcategies charge is per book, not per subcategory 5¢/book
Recipe notes   25¢/book
Recipe symbols charge is per book, not per recipe symbol
Recipe Fillers only available with non-continued recipes 15¢/book
Indexes of recipes or contributors FREE

Personal Pages

Personal pages 4 FREE pages included FREE
additional pages 4¢/page (per book)
Photos or artwork printed in black ink 1 FREE on personal pages FREE
additional photos 2¢/image (per book)
Multi- or full-color photos or artwork   10¢/image (per book)

Cookbook Extras

Cooking hints 16 FREE full-color pages FREE
Recipes on e-Book not available for press-ready cookbooks FREE
Recipe pocket envelope   15¢/book
Advertising pages press-ready pages 3¢/page (per book)
set-up fee if not press-ready Add $30/page

Sales Tools

Printable marketing material download from our site FREE
Counter displays   $2.00 each
Mailing boxes boxes hold 1 – 3 cookbooks
depending on book thickness
$8.50/case of 10
Padded mailing envelopes not available for 3-Ring cookbooks $18/case of 25


Change orders & corrections making changes from originally submitted material Change Order & Corrections Pricing (PDF)
Cookbook proof first text and cover proof - on books we type FREE
corrections - on books we type FREE
changes from your original order at proof time Change Order & Corrections Pricing (PDF)
unlocking typensave® to make changes $30.00

You will be able to make corrections to your digital proof FREE. Changes that require us to unlock your account (adding recipes, adding or changing recipe page options, and changing cover) will incur a fee.

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