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NA = Not Available (Some of our competitors do NOT offer this feature.)
* For recognized non-profit organizations, subject to our approval.
RECIPE MANAGEMENT Recipe collection sheets FREE FREE
Recipe category envelopes FREE NA
You type recipes (typensave®) SAVE 25¢/book
($300 max.)
SAVE 15–25¢/book
($200 max.)
We typeset recipes FREE FREE
COOKBOOK PAGES Recipe formats 10 FREE (includes Discount Format F15) 4–6 FREE
Title page FREE FREE
Table of contents FREE FREE
Personal pages 4 FREE 2–4 FREE
Personal page artwork 10 FREE SETS FREE or NA
Photos 1 FREE up to $9/photo
Index of Recipes FREE FREE
Index of Contributors FREE 20¢/book or NA
Mail-order page FREE NA
Cooking Hints (full-color) FREE 20¢/book (b/w only)
Recipes on e-Book FREE NA or $149/order
COVER Plastic lamination FREE 15–25¢
Plastic coil binding FREE 20–25¢
Plastic comb binding FREE 35–50¢
Full-color stock cover FREE FREE
Custom one-color cover FREE $9 art fee
DIVIDERS Helpful hints (on divider backs) FREE $5/divider or NA
Full-color stock dividers FREE (8/set) 7/set or 25¢/book
Photos on one-color dividers FREE $9–$10/photo
Colored divider paper FREE 3¢/div. to $75/order
SALES TOOLS Marketing guide FREE NA
Promotional posters FREE FREE
Advance sales coupons FREE FREE
Gift certificates FREE NA
News release forms FREE NA
MISC. Art service for custom designs FREE NA
Financing for 90 days* FREE (90 days) FREE (67 days)
Cookbook proof FREE $35
Defrayed shipping cost 3% FREE books 3% FREE books
Step-By-Step Videos FREE NA
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