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Ordering & Terms

We make ordering easy. Simply follow our steps to ensure your order is complete. If you have printed a cookbook with us in the past, we will gladly assist you with reprints. For a quick review of the ordering process, watch our Step 8 video.

Easy Steps


  • The minimum order is 100 cookbooks. See our price chart. If you want fewer than 100 cookbooks, visit our sister company, Simply Cookbooks™.
  • If using typensave®, place your order online. If we are going to typeset your recipes, we require a completed Order Form (PDF). If you submit press-ready pages, use our Press-Ready Order Form (PDF). Signatures from the chairperson and alternate (co-chairperson) are required. Also provide any custom material and artwork for the cover, dividers, and personal pages. Use our Checklist to Prepare Order (PDF) for assistance.
  • Don't underestimate sales; order plenty of books. Each recipe contributor purchases an average of 3 cookbooks each. Consider sales outside your group and community. A smaller reprint later will cost more.
  • Orders are subject to a 10% overrun or underrun, which is a printing trade custom (see FAQ for more information). You may receive more or less than you ordered, but will be invoiced only for the number of books you receive, minus 3% FREE books.
  • Upon receipt of your order, we will send a confirmation e-mail with your book number. We will contact you if we have questions.
  • Orders from APO, FPO, and USA territories are accepted as long as they are submitted via typensave® and paid in full before shipping. Other foreign orders are not accepted.

Payment Terms

  • We offer liberal credit terms to ensure you have time to sell your cookbooks. Most organizations collect enough money to pay for their full order within 37 days.
  • Recognized non-profit organizations, subject to our approval, are not required to prepay. Half of the total bill is due in 37 days from the invoice date. The balance is due 90 days from the invoice date with no interest or other charges.
  • Families, individuals, businesses, and others must pay half of the cost at the time the order is submitted. The balance is due prior to shipping.
  • All orders are subject to sales tax. An exemption form must be provided or the customer is liable for sales tax. The sales tax amount is subject to change upon validation of provided information.

Cookbook Proof FREE

  • You'll always see a FREE proof to approve before we print your cookbook.
  • If we typeset your recipes, you'll receive a hardcopy proof. If using typensave®, you'll receive a digital proof. If you submit a press-ready book, you will receive a digital proof of the cover and custom dividers; a hard copy proof is optional (longer production time).
  • Proofs will be sent to the chairperson unless otherwise requested on the order form.
  • Additional proofs may be requested for an extra charge.

Late Submissions & Change Orders

  • Late submissions are recipes or items added to an order before production begins. They are accepted without any additional charges.
  • Production begins after orders are reviewed and checked in (about 3–5 days after receipt).
  • Change orders are changes to your original order after production begins. They include: changing recipe format, adding, moving, or deleting content of recipes, personal pages, ads, photos, cover, dividers, color(s), or any other change from your original order form.
  • Change orders increase the chance of mistakes, require a second proof, extend production time, and incur extra charges. At some stages of production, changes are not possible. See our Change Order & Corrections Pricing (PDF).

To avoid delays and extra charges, send ALL material with your order form and make firm decisions before submitting your order.


  • Cookbook files are kept for 10 years.
  • Errors may be corrected for no extra charge; changes from the original text and/or original options may be subject to a charge.
  • Reprints are normally shipped within 20-25 business days or less.
  • Reprint as few as 100 cookbooks.
  • Print a Reprint Order Form (PDF) and contact us for a quote.
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Success Stories in the Media

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