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No-Risk Guarantee

We've published millions of cookbooks since 1933, and we know your cookbooks will sell. That's why fundraising organizations are not required to pay up-front.

No-Risk Guarantee

Morris Press Cookbooks guarantees to every fundraising organization using our cookbook program that cookbook sales will be sufficient to pay the printing bill. Our guarantee (PDF) only requires that the more cookbooks you order, the more recipe contributors you have.

Guarantee is subject to these conditions:

1. Your organization does not sell the books for less than our suggested prices.

2. Recipe contributors must be adults (potential buyers) and their names must be printed with their recipes.

3. An Order of: With recipes from at least:
  100 - 200 books   50 different individuals
  201 - 500 books   150 different individuals
  501 - 1,000 books   200 different individuals
  1,001 - 1,500 books   250 different individuals
  1,501 - 2,000 books   300 different individuals
  2,001 - 4,000 books   400 different individuals
  4,001 - 5,000 books   500 different individuals

If these conditions are met and and there is an unpaid balance, furnish proof to Morris Press Cookbooks that not enough cookbooks could be sold to pay for the order. The organization may return unsold books to Morris Press Cookbooks. In this event, all money collected from cookbook sales must be remitted to Morris Press Cookbooks. Authorization is required before returning any cookbooks.

Guarantee does not apply to reprints since they are self-financed with proceeds from the original order.

NOTE: It is not mandatory to conform to our guarantee conditions. Many organizations publish cookbooks with any number of recipe contributors and sell their books successfully. We know from experience that cookbooks sell very well. That’s why we finance entire cookbook programs.


It's easy to sell your cookbooks! Recipe contributors are built-in buyers, purchasing an average of 3 cookbooks each. Many others, including family, friends, and organization members will also be eager to own several copies.

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Guarantee Lady
Look Who's Publishing

Look Who's Publishing

“The cookbook project was a major success. Thank you for the opportunity your organization has presented to us.”
Kathy Crow - Principal

Total Sales: $11,370
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