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For your convenience, Morris Press Cookbooks provides sales tools to help you maximize your profit. Learn how to effectively price and promote your cookbook. You'll raise even more dough!

Sales Tools

Marketing Guide FREE

Marketing Guide
  • Our informativeMarketing Guide (PDF) provides helpful hints about cookbook pricing, sales, and promotions.

Advance Sales Coupons FREE

Advance Sales Coupons

Gift Certificates FREE

Gift Certificates

News Release Forms FREE

News Release Forms
  • Our News Release Forms (PDF) make it easy to publicize your cause and promote cookbook sales.
  • Send forms to newspapers and/or radio and television stations.

Promotional Posters FREE

  • Advertise your cookbook by hanging full-color Promotional Posters (PDF) in workplaces, grocery or retail stores, banks, etc.

Social Media

  • More than 80% of all cookbook sales are due to word-of-mouth, so spread the word about your cookbook.
  • Use the Internet to your advantage. Post about your book to social media and send an e-mail to all your friends, family, and organization members to tell them about your cookbook and how to order.
  • Create a fun marketing video to generate excitement about your cookbook. Show it to your organization members and post it on your web site, YouTube, and/or Facebook. The ladies ministry at Madison Church of Christ sold nearly 3 times more books than they anticipated by using smart marketing strategies.

Counter Displays

Counter Displays Extra Charge

  • Attractive and handy counter displays are available for an extra charge.
  • Displays fit nicely on countertops and shelves.
  • Your cookbook’s thickness and binding style will determine the number of books a display can hold.

Mailing Boxes & Envelopes

Mailing Boxes & Envelopes Extra Charge

  • Durable boxes and padded envelopes are available for an extra charge.
  • Boxes allow you to mail orders of up to 3 cookbooks to your buyers (depending on book size).
  • Padded envelopes hold one soft cover or one hardback book (not 3-Ring).

Extra Charge = Option for an extra charge

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Success Stories in the Media

Kathy Bello published a cookbook to share her love of cooking, laughing, and living. Kathy has dreamed of her own cooking show, so she's entered Oprah's "Your Own Show" contest.

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