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7 Great Reasons to Publish a Cookbook

All kinds of groups, both large and small, have had great sales success with cookbook fundraisers. Our proven cookbook program allows you to easily create a cookbook that helps you reach your fundraising goals. Use our Cookbook Price Estimator to quickly determine options and maximize your profit potential. You can earn $500 to $50,000 and more!

1 It’s Never Been Easier!

Creating your cookbook is as simple as following 8 easy steps. With our easy-to-use system, typensave®, you can create your entire cookbook online. We provide many FREE features and choices for an attractive cover and divider set. FREE art service is even available if you need assistance creating a custom design for your cookbook.

2 Proven Profits

Both large and small groups can make huge profits with cookbook fundraisers. Cookbooks easily sell for 2–4 times their cost, allowing you to earn $500 to $50,000 or more! We’re so sure you’ll make money that we back it with our No-Risk Guarantee.

3 Easy Sales

Cookbook sales are easy! In fact, 80% of cookbook sales are the result of word-of-mouth. Recipe contributors are built-in buyers, purchasing an average of 3 cookbooks each. Many others, including family, friends, and organization members, will also be eager to own several copies. For even greater success, use our FREE sales tools.

4 Labor of Love

Many traditions and memories are centered around food – a custom cookbook is a great way to preserve those memories. Every cookbook we publish is different, and your cookbook will be truly unique to your church, school, organization, business, or family. Everyone involved will be proud to call it their own. Few fundraisers can make that claim!

No matter why you publish, cookbooks become keepsakes that will be cherished and used for a lifetime. Whether you’re creating a family keepsake cookbook to preserve heirloom recipes or an organizational fundraising cookbook with regional recipes, your cookbook will be a labor of love.

5 Popular

Cookbooks have always been best sellers, and it seems their popularity remains steady. A Taste of Home study reports more people are cooking at home, resulting in a growing cookbook market.

6 Wide Appeal

Cookbooks appeal to a wide variety of people. In fact, 3 out of 10 women actually collect cookbooks, and the average American woman owns about 15 cookbooks (Source: Ben Rob, “Publish Your Recipes in a Cookbook,”

Community cookbooks are also appealing for another reason. Edourard Cointreau, president of Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, says, “You can see a very big trend…going back to comforting foods, simple recipes that work and make friends and family happy…People are coming back to real food, things from their childhood, things they want to give their children” (Source: Keach Hagey, “Sweet Taste of Success,” The National).

7 Favorable Public Relations

Creating a custom cookbook is a great way put your cause at the forefront. When cookbook proceeds benefit a worthy cause, your organization, school, church, or business generates favorable PR in your community or region. The public will learn more about you and your cause, making future fundraising endeavors even easier.

How to Make a Cookbook

How to Make a Cookbook

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