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Fundraiser or Keepsake?

We have helped thousands of organizations raise millions of dollars by providing a beautiful, quality product that sells well. Families and other groups have created cookbooks as a way to preserve treasured recipes, while businesses make cookbooks for successful promotions. Whether your goal is a cookbook fundraiser to raise money or simply create a keepsake, we're here to help.


Cookbooks as Fundraisers

Your group can raise thousands of dollars by selling cookbooks. Cookbooks can be sold for 2 to 4 times their cost, making them highly profitable. Many groups have earned $500 to $50,000 or more with a cookbook fundraiser. Thousands of churches, organizations, and clubs have made fundraising cookbooks, including communities, auxiliaries, service organizations, and professional organizations. Groups making fundraising cookbooks include:

Cookbooks as Keepsakes

Cookbooks make the perfect keepsake to commemorate a reunion, anniversary, or special event. When sold at cost, keepsake cookbooks make very affordable gifts. You will treasure the prized recipes, history, and traditions preserved in a keepsake cookbook. Your cookbook can contain poems, history, photos, special artwork, and any other information you want. Brides and grooms are even creating cookbooks as wedding favors and gifts. Groups making keepsake cookbooks include:

If you are interested in publishing fewer than 100 cookbooks for your special event, check out our sister company, Simply Cookbooks™. The minimum order is only 12 cookbooks, making it perfect for reunions, showers, holiday gifts, and more.

Cookbooks for Businesses

Publishing an employee cookbook is a fun way to unite employees, customers, and suppliers. Your business can create a cookbook fundraiser, which generates favorable PR when proceeds are given to charitable causes. Commemorate anniversaries or other events by creating a keepsake cookbook that preserves history, stories, and photos. Cookbooks can be given to employees or customers as a holiday gift or part of a promotional campaign. Businesses in the food industry can include recipes that incorporate their products to create a unique marketing tool. Businesses making cookbooks include:

Look Who's Publishing

Look Who's Publishing

“This has been a most profitable project for our group. We use the money to support our mission projects, local, national, and worldwide.”

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Customer Service Testimonial

Customer Service Testimonial

“You need someone to give you that sense of 'I'm here to help.' I felt like part of their family.”
Andrea Cassell - Wichita, KS

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