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Q: Can individuals or families publish a cookbook?

Yes, most families publish their cookbook as a keepsake and not for fundraising. The only difference is in the payment terms. Individuals and families are required to pay one-half the cost at the time the order is placed, with the balance due before the books are shipped.

Q: How much money can we make?

That all depends. A small order of 200 books can earn around $1,300, but a larger order can earn up to $50,000 or more. See our price charts for costs and suggested selling prices.

Q: Can I order fewer than 100 cookbooks?

No, we do not accept smaller orders. Keep in mind that even small groups can easily sell 100 cookbooks. For fewer than 100 cookbooks, see our sister company, Simply Cookbooks™ for details.

Q: Can I send my cover or divider artwork ahead of time if it’s ready before the recipes?

No, before we begin any work on your order, we must receive a signed order form. A confirmation with a book number will be sent to the chairperson. Your book number is required if you upload or email any other material. This will help us match material with the correct order.

Q: How many recipes are in the average cookbook?

The average cookbook contains 300-400 recipes.

Q: What is the Starter Material?

The Starter Material contains items to help you assemble and create your cookbook, such as Recipe Collection Sheets, Category Envelopes, a Cover Information Sheet, and Personal Page Sheets. This material is not included in the initial Cookbook Kit. To receive this material, contact us or print it from our Download Center. Note: If you decide to use®, you won’t need the Starter Material unless you want Recipe Collection Sheets for members without the Internet. You may print from our Download Center.

Q: We want to type our own recipes online. How do we start?

Go to® to try our free demo. Then create a FREE account to get started. There are many benefits to using®. You can create your entire cookbook from cover to cover and all members can enter their own recipes. Plus, you’ll save 25¢ per book ($300 maximum) and production time is reduced to 25-30 business days.

Q: We have entered our recipes in typensave®. What’s the next step?

Finish creating all other parts of your cookbook (covers, dividers, personal pages, and extras). Then, submit your entire order online and upload any custom material we’ll need to complete your order.

Q: Do recipes with more than one part count as one recipe?

Yes, as long as they are part of the same recipe, such as icing with a cake recipe. They will not have titles or appear in the index. Exceptions are starters (e.g., sourdough starters) or other recipes that are the base for several recipes; each use of the starter is counted as one recipe. We average 2–3 recipes per page. A recipe may be counted as more than one recipe, depending on its length.

Q: If a recipe won’t fit on one Recipe Collection Sheet, what do we do?

Continue the recipe on another Recipe Collection Sheet or blank sheet of paper (same size, front only). Staple them together. Don’t use the back of a Recipe Collection Sheet or tape a folded recipe onto a Recipe Collection Sheet.

Q: Are we required to use your Recipe Collection Sheets?

No, you can use plain paper of the same size or your own recipe forms. Include only one recipe per sheet (front only) and follow our Recipe Writing Tips (PDF). Recipe Collection Sheets are provided FREE for your convenience in our Starter Material or download (PDF) them. If you’ve already started entering recipes into a text document, you can submit a printout of your recipes.

Q: Can we put Recipe Collection Sheets in any envelopes?

Yes, you can use any envelopes. After grouping your recipes into categories and sorting them in the order you want them to appear within each category, number the Recipe Collection Sheets and place each category in a separate envelope. Label each envelope with your organization name, category title (e.g., Soups & Salads), number of recipes in the category, and position of the category in the cookbook (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.). Use our Recipe Category Sheet (PDF) to assist you.

Q: Do recipes need to be typed on Recipe Collection Sheets?

No, as long as the recipes are legible and printed in ink (not pencil).

Q: Do you edit our recipes?

Only if we are typesetting your recipes and errors are obvious. Otherwise, we typeset them exactly as they are written, but will use standard abbreviations in the ingredient list. We do not edit any metric measurements. Please note: If you submit your recipes using typensave®, we do not edit your recipes. Regardless of who typesets your cookbook, you will always receive a FREE proof to check all recipes before we print your cookbook.

Q: Can we use brand names in our recipes?

You may use brand names (Jell-O®, Hershey’s®, Nestle®, etc.) in your ingredients list. Do not submit any recipe titles that are trademarked. See next several questions for more details on trademarks.

Q: Can I use my organization logo or business logo in my cookbook?

You must get permission since many logos are trademarked. Please fill out the Release Form (PDF), have it signed, and send it with your order.

Q: Can we include recipes from books, magazines, newspapers, websites, cookbooks, or other sources?

Yes, unless the recipe is trademarked, such as Killer Brownies®, Runza®, Derby Pie®, and Neiman Marcus® Cookies. If you use trademarked recipe titles, we reserve the right to change them. Recipes cannot be copyrighted, but substantial literary expression – a description, explanation, or illustration that accompanies a recipe – can be copyrighted. You may be infringing on a copyright if you use substantial or complete works from another source. Keep in mind that you will lose personalization if you use other resources.

Q: Can we use artwork from other sources for our cookbook?

Artwork from greeting cards, books, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, and other sources is copyrighted. You must obtain permission to use it. Please download the Release Form (PDF), have it signed, and send it with your order. Likewise, our artwork and material is copyrighted and is available only to our customers.

Q: Can we use divider titles other than the standard category titles?

Yes, if you choose custom dividers or a Designer Series Divider Template. Our full-color stock divider sets cannot be changed since they are pre-printed.

Q: How much will custom dividers cost?

Dividers may have 3 types of charges: style, ink, and printing on backs.
Style: Non-tabbed standard custom dividers are 3¢/divider (per book). Non-tabbed heavy custom dividers are 5¢/divider (per book). Tabbed heavy custom dividers for a hardback are 13¢/divider (per book). Tabbed heavy custom dividers for a 3-ring binder are 10¢/divider (per book).
Ink: Black ink is FREE. An in-house ink other than black is 2¢/divider (per book). Multi- or full-color printing or using a Designer Series Template is 12¢/divider (per book).
Printing Backs: Backs of dividers may include standard Helpful Hints for FREE. Printing custom material in one ink (same as front) is 2¢/divider/book. Multi- or full-color printing is 12¢/divider (per book).

Q: Can we change titles and subtitles on full-color stock covers?

Yes, unless otherwise noted. You can have your wording printed in any in-house inks for FREE, but you cannot change the full-color stock covers in any other way.

Q: Can we include photos on recipe pages?

No, our recipe formats were not designed to accommodate photos.

Q: If we are publishing a cookbook, why does Morris Press Cookbooks place its copyright on the title page?

Many customers use our stock cover and divider sets, recipe formats, fillers, cooking hints, etc. Our copyright protects this material. Recipes cannot be copyrighted. If you send a press-ready cookbook and use your own artwork, you may include your own copyright. Contact us for details.

Q: What is a press-ready cookbook?

Press-ready pages are already typeset using the proper page size, margins, and artwork. Final printed pages will look like your press-ready pages. We prefer a digital file uploaded through our web site, but will also accept a hard copy as long as our margins and specifications are used. This is very important because unless your pages are prepared and sent properly, we won’t be able to use them. The same applies to a cover and dividers. See our Press-Ready Guidelines for complete specifications.

Q: How can I determine if my photos have enough pixels to print well?

Follow our Digital Image Specifications (PDF) which reviews format requirements and how to calculate the number of pixels per inch in a photo.

Q: Can we save money by sending our cookbook press-ready?

Probably not. Our recipe formats make efficient use of space, fitting more recipes in fewer pages than most press-ready cookbooks. More pages result in added cost, so it may cost more to print a press-ready cookbook. However, sending your cookbook press-ready will give you more design control. For specifications and pricing, download the Press-Ready Cookbook Pages Guidelines (PDF) and Press-Ready Order Form & Pricing (PDF). Contact us if you need assistance or have questions.

Q: How does a 10 percent overrun or underrun affect our order?

Your cookbook goes through many stages of production during which cookbooks can be damaged and not meet our high quality control standards. To compensate, we print more than you order. The books that are not defective will be shipped to you. If books are defective, we may ship less than you ordered. You will only pay for the books you receive, minus your 3% FREE books. This is a printing trade custom that all our competitors also use.

Q: After you receive our order, how long does it take until the books are shipped?

Production time depends on how you submit your order. If we typeset your recipes or you are submitting press-ready pages, normal production time is 35-45 business days (7-9 weeks) from the day after we receive your order. If using typensave®, production time is 20-25 business days (4-5 weeks) from the day after we receive your order. RUSH service is 20 business days (4 weeks) from the day after we receive your order for typensave® orders. For orders that we typeset recipes or press-ready orders, RUSH service is 25 business days (5 weeks). Allow another 2-5 business days for shipping (2-3 weeks for AK/HI orders). We are not in production on holidays or weekends.

Q: How long do you save our cookbook, in case we ever want to reprint?

Your cookbook material is digitally saved for 10 years.

Q: How much are reprints?

Download a Reprint Order Form (PDF) and contact us for a quote. The minimum reprint order is 100 cookbooks.

Q: How do I purchase a copy of a book you printed?

We do not sell any books we print for customers. You need to contact the organization directly. If you have a copy of the cookbook, check in the back of the book for a mail-order form or on the title page for contact information.

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