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Recipe Page Options

With so many options available for your recipe pages, you're sure to find the perfect combination to fit your specific needs.

Writing & Sorting

Recipe Fillers  

  • Fillers (artwork or text) help fill the bottom of recipe pages where space allows.
  • Fillers are randomly placed (not recipe specific).
  • Choose from 9 stock filler sets or submit custom material.
  • If using typensave®, you may add custom fillers or use our stock set.
  • Fillers are an extra charge and can only be used with non-continued recipes.
  • Custom text fillers are limited to four lines (about 200 characters). List them on a separate sheet of paper.
  • Custom artwork fillers cannot be more than 1" in height. We will enlarge or reduce as necessary. Line art prints best. Submit original line art if possible, using black ink on white paper.
  • Photos and images with screens are not allowed on recipe pages.
  • Submit custom fillers in a separate envelope labeled "Fillers."
recipe fillers

Shown are samples from each filler set. Each set contains 60 or more fillers.

Church Art 1

Christian Art 1 Fillers

Church Art 2

Christian Art 2 Fillers

Victorian Art

Victorian Art Fillers

Food Art

Food Art Fillers

Bible Verses (NIV)

Bible Verses Fillers

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes Fillers

Food for Thought

Foof For Though Fillers

Light-Hearted Quotes

Light-hearted Quotes Fillers

Food Facts

Food Facts Fillers

Paper Colors



  • Recipe pages, personal pages, ad pages, and photos will be printed in black ink on the paper color you choose. Photos can be printed in full-color for an extra charge.
  • Our standard paper is a premium, heavy, bright white 60-lb. paper. Cream paper is an extra charge.

Recipe Notes  

recipe notes
  • A recipe note is any content that does not pertain to the preparation of the recipe. Anything other than ingredients, directions, contributor name, serving size, or recipe title is a recipe note, regardless of placement.
  • They cannot exceed 4 lines of text (about 375 characters).
  • Examples include recipe history, nutritional information, suggested uses, etc. Recipe notes are an extra charge.
  • If using typensave®, choose recipe notes in your set-up and add notes to recipes as needed.

Recipe Subcategories  

  • Within categories, recipes may be further grouped into subcategories. Subcategories are an extra charge.
  • A "Desserts" category may have subcategories such as "Cakes," "Pies," "Tortes," "Bars," etc.
  • Subcategory titles will be centered on recipe pages (at the beginning of the section) and appear in the index.
  • Follow instructions on Recipe Category Envelopes or Recipe Category Sheets (PDF).
  • If you are using typensave®, select subcategories in the set-up.

Recipe Symbols  

  • Recipe symbols identify recipes with special importance.
  • The recipe symbol will be placed directly after the recipe title. Only one symbol per recipe allowed.
  • A symbol reference key will be placed on the table of contents page (meanings can be changed to fit your needs).
  • Recipe symbols are an extra per book charge (not per symbol, regardless of how many symbols are used).
  • If sending Recipe Collection Sheets, download our Recipe Symbol Sheet (PDF). Cut out symbols and tape them onto Recipe Collection Sheets to indicate recipes that require a symbol.
  • If you use typensave®, you will be able to indicate which recipes require a symbol.

Non-Continued Recipes  

  • Our standard practice is to print recipes continuously from page to page, breaking them where necessary (see below). This uses the maximum amount of space, resulting in less paper and allowing us to pass the savings on to you.
  • Recipe fillers cannot be used with continued recipes.
  • Non-continued means recipes will not be split from page to page, giving you a thicker cookbook. This option is an extra charge.
non continued recipes

Extra Charge = Option for an extra charge

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