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Personal Pages FREE

All cookbooks include a FREE title page, table of contents, and category index. Make your cookbooks truly special and unique with additional FREE pages, such as personal pages, a contributor index, and a mail-order page. One photo is FREE; additional are an extra charge. For a quick review, watch our Step 4 video.

Title Page

Title Page
  • A FREE title page will be the first page of your cookbook.
  • You may include your title, subtitle, and your organization's name, address, and web address.

Table of Contents

Table Of Contents
  • A FREE table of contents will follow personal pages and precede recipes.
  • Only category titles, not subcategory titles, will appear.
  • If recipe symbols are used, a reference key will be added.

Personal Pages

Personal Page
  • Up to 4 FREE personal pages will follow the title page. Include additional pages for an extra charge.
  • Include dedications, history, poems, appreciation, acknowledgements, photos, etc. (advertising not allowed).
  • Personal pages will be in the front of the book after the title page.
  • Choose from 10 FREE artwork sets to embellish pages.
  • If you submit any copyrighted photo or text, such as poetry, a signed Release Form (PDF) is required.
  • If you submit recipes with typensave®, you will be able to build your personal pages online.
  • If we typeset your recipes, we will also typeset your personal pages. Please use our Personal Page Sheet (PDF) to submit your material. Do not exceed 320 words per page (equals 38 lines if filling entire page with text). Submit fewer words if page includes photos/artwork.
  • If you send your recipe pages press-ready, please submit ALL pages press-ready, including the title page, index, table of contents, personal pages, and any other pages. For specifications, please use our Press-Ready Cookbook Pages Guidelines (PDF).
  • Note: 1 page is 1 side of a sheet of paper (i.e. 2 pages = 1 sheet). Blank pages must be included in the page count.
  • Note: To make your cookbook cohesive, fonts used on personal pages, table of contents, and title page are determined by the chosen recipe format and cannot be changed.


  • The Index of Recipes alphabetizes recipe titles within each category (and subcategory, if used). The Index of Contributors will be alphabetized by names.
  • Both indexes are FREE; however, the Index of Contributors must be requested on the order form.
  • Do not include any additional information (second name, title, etc.) on the same line as the contributor name. It affects our ability to create an accurate Index of Contributors. If recipes have multiple contributor names, only the first name will appear in the index.
  • If you choose recipe symbols, they will be included in the index next to recipe titles.
  • Indexes will be placed in the back of the book.
  • Artwork is not available on indexes.

Mail-Order Page

Mail Order Page
  • An optional FREE mail-order page is a great way to help boost sales.
  • It will list sales information for purchase of additional copies.
  • The mail-order page will follow the index and precede Cooking Hints.
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