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Mother's Day Delivery Deadlines

Mother's Day Delivery Deadlines

Mother's Day is fast approaching! If you are using typensave®, sending press-ready, ordering a reprint, or if we are typesetting your RUSH book, submit your complete order by March 29th for an estimated ship date of May 3rd.

Review our delivery deadlines for more info.

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Cover Selections

Choose one of our beautiful full-color stock covers or, for a personal touch, have an artistic person in your organization create an original design. Morris Press Cookbooks also has a talented art staff ready to turn your ideas into a beautiful cover. Linen-finish plastic lamination will enhance your cover and make it extra durable. For a quick review on cover choices, watch our Step 5 video. An eye-catching cover is the icing on the cake!

Cover Styles

Choose from 3 Cover Styles

Soft Cover

Our most popular and economical style

Soft Cover

Hardback Cover

Easily attract buyers with an upgraded cover

Padded Hardback Cover
  • Hardback covers add value to your cookbook, allowing you to sell them for a higher price and offset the extra cost.
  • Hardback cookbooks are bound with a FREE plastic comb. Choose from 8 colors.
  • For an extra charge, the plastic comb can be imprinted with your cookbook title, making it easy to find on a shelf.
  • Standard liners on the inside front and back covers are white or cream. Printed liners are available for an extra charge.

Padded 3-Ring Binder

The ultimate in cookbooks!

Padded 3-Ring
  • The padding adds a rich feel to the cover and protects it from dents and dings.
  • Your cookbook's title or other wording can be printed on the spine, making it easy to find on a shelf.
  • The durable metal binding easily snaps open to allow more pages if you add supplemental recipes at a later time.
  • Standard liners on the inside front and back covers are white or cream. Printed liners are available for an extra charge.
  • A 3-Ring EZel™ Bookstand, which holds your cookbook open and upright for hands-free cooking, may be included for an extra charge.
3-Ring Coupon

See our 3-Ring Coupon (PDF) to save up to $1.30 per book.

See our other seasonal coupons.

FREE Linen-Finish Plastic Lamination

Free Linen Finish Lamination
  • All stock and custom front and back covers include FREE linen-finish plastic lamination.
  • Plastic makes your covers extra durable and more resistant to stains, spills, scratches, and even fingerprints. Plus it enhances your cookbook, making it more attractive and elegant.
  • Other companies charge as much as 25¢/book for front and back cover plastic lamination. Others use a shiny spray coating and call it lamination, but it's not. The coating and ink color underneath can be scratched off.
  • Compare our lamination to our competitors’. We produce a better cookbook.
Full-Color Stock Covers

Make a Great First Impression

with a FREE Full-Color Stock Cover
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